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02 July 2010 @ 11:56 am
Hm, haven't posted here in awhile - hope everyone's doing well :)

x 09 Gundam Seed/Destiny
x 09 Code Geass
x 04 Fate/Stay Night
x 27 Sailor Moon
x 13 La Corda D'Oro
x 04 Inuyasha
x 07 Bleach
x 09 Rayearth
x 28 Misc.
x 07 Revolutionary Girl Utena
x 04 Tales of Symphonia

Cagalli icons this way...
21 November 2009 @ 06:24 pm
Hey everyone I wanted to tell everyone that I have updated the Asucaga Forum so much we have improvements everywhere that I wanted to tell everyone whos already a member and to promote the Forum to spread the Asucaga Fandom. So if you want stop by and visit or join us we would really appreciate it and it would help spread the Asucaga Love..*smiles*.

Click on this Link or the Image below.



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05 May 2008 @ 08:23 pm
We finally have a Gundam Seed/Destiny RPG! Visit rpgundamseedfor details.  
08 February 2008 @ 11:07 am
Athrun x Cagalli wallpaper from my deviantart site. thought i'd share it here.
i luv Cagalli so much!! ^__^

my top fav characters and couple in anime world! XD
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09 October 2007 @ 04:41 pm
Remodeled, and reopening!

Name & Website/Journal: White Ridge
Format: (livejournal, greatestjournal, AIM, MSN, etc.)
Genre: AU Town: Animanga & Game
Contact: agentcyclosarin
Age limit or Rating: (13+.)
Deadline: Open-Ended

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18 May 2007 @ 06:46 am
Icons of Miss. Attha :D

Icons include:

Resource post here.

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26 April 2007 @ 05:15 pm
Cagalli Icons ahoy!

( Follow the Fake Cut... )
22 March 2007 @ 03:43 pm

" Precious Rose "

Chapter 00
Rating : T/M
Pairing : Athrun/Cagalli
Genre: AU , Romance

Summary : British heiress Cagalli Yula Athha had come to San Francisco to ruin Athrun Zala as he had ruined her father. But emotions she would have never expected to have exploded for the man she had sworn to hate....

Well...I was dusting my PC and found this OLD stuff from the times I was obsessed with Jane Austin and John Steinbeck novels still am XD . I remember that I took the outline from some novel my mom borrowed from my aunt and as to practice my English before taking the CAE exams I translated some of it from Polish to English...So I thought that because I AM still writing “ Overwrite “ and still am thinking about how the plot should follow and this one is already finished I would publish this story and calmy write in the meantime “Overdrive”. Btw...I have this strange thing for making Meer Athrun’s mistress...Don’t know why though...personally i like her ...but I find something suitable in her for the position of “ the mistress” . One more thing...I decided to leave this story in the English/ American setting ...changing everything now to ORB/Plant etc etc...wouldn’t make much of a diffrence anyhow...I hope that you enjoy “Precious Rose “ .     

Like usual please comment :)


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20 March 2007 @ 04:16 pm
Hello! I am new here and as an introduction gift I bring you all a Fanfic.

Title :  Overwrite]

Genre : Romance/Action
Age : T/M

Summary :  Cagalli just got to know that in 18 months time she will have to marry Athrun ' Red Devil ' Zala .What is a maiden to do? Of course go to PLANT  looking for a job , start working for him , collect blackmailing material and make him call the whole thing off!!!

You can read it on ff.net :


or  on my livejournal :


<this is the link for the second chapter, the first one is on the main page  of the lj>

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